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The wine Road of the “Vigna del Sole” affects the heart of Salento Peninsula.

We are in the sunniest and warmest region of Apulia; the most-visited tourist attraction.

Wide beaches, crystal sea, unspoiled nature, art, gastronomy and pubs where celebrate until dawn are special elements that “cuddle” the visitors.

San Donaci marks the border between the provinces of Brindisi and Lecce. It is a town of very ancient origin; the presence of man in this area can be dated back to three thousand years ago. In the heart of the old village is clear the roman street pattern.

The surrounding area is full of very ancient manor farms, evidence of the agricultural vocation of this territory.

Novoli is also called “the city of wine and fire”; its traditions are closely related to wine-making. The “fire festival” organized in Novoli in January 16 to 8 has its roots in the worship of St. Anthony, protector of fire.

Today this celebration, called “Focara Novoli” is one of the most anticipated events in Apulia and it has the primacy to be the largest bonfire in the Mediterranean.

In the old town there are noble palaces and numerous churches; in the area around the cemetery are located, within manor farms, hypogeal olive presses.

Extremely interesting is the area around the city of Surbo, where you can still visit old walled manor farms.

Some of them are today used as real comfortable tourist accommodations such as: the “Masseria Schiavelle”, a typical walled manor farm, the “Masseria Rauccio” situated within a beautiful WWF Oasis, the Cavallari Tower, a typical example of tower manor farm, probably built in order to report (trough the lightning of bonfires) the possible attack of the Turks who arrived from the sea.

Arnesano is located into the “Cupa”, one of the most evident depression on the plain of Salento. The old village is full of Churches and Chapels.

Outside the historical centre you can enjoy the route of the Villas of Arnesano following a way of agricultural fields and rural houses.

Among the most interesting buildings we found: “Villa Paladini”, a beautiful five-arched loggia made of local stone, “Villa Milo” characterized by a swallow tail battlements and Renaissance decorations, “Ferrara Garden” surrounded by palm and pine trees, “Villa Spada” with its chapel and bell tower, “Villa Materdomini” built with the local stone (from Lecce).

Lecce is a precious jewel that shines for its famous Baroque; it is probably the most visited touristic place in Apulia and for this reason the wonderful historical centre is surrounded by restaurants, hotels, pubs, but also art galleries and craft shops.

Thanks to its wonderful buildings and spectacular squares from which emerges the baroque style, Lecce is considered a fascinating city of art.

Walking in the old town, is normal to come across views so beautiful as to take your breath away like when you reach the Basilica of “Santa Croce”, “Piazza Duomo” and the Church of St. John.

Lecce is a place of culture and this atmosphere you can perceive at every corner of the city.

Also the town of Galatina boasts elements that make it unique; just a few kilometres from Lecce, Galatina is a town that clear preserves the Greek heritage.

The old town is refined and rich of valuable artifacts.

There are numerous noble palaces and churches like the Basilica of “Santa Caterina” with its magnificent frescos.

Outside the walls there is the Church and Crypt of “Madonna della Grotta”, the Church and Crypt of “Santa Maria” and the small Church and Crypt of “Sant’Anna”.


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Copertino Doc

The production of this DOC wine covers the municipalities of: Copertino, Carmiano, Arnesano, Monteroni and part of Galatina and Lequile.

The red wine version use Negroamaro grape with possible addition of Malvasia nera from Brindisi and from Lecce, Montepulciano and Sangiovese alone or together with the above-mentoned wines (maximum 30%).

The typologies “Riserva”, “Red” and “Rosé” are also produced.


Leverano Doc

This DOC wine covers the municipality of Leverano. Its production process is very careful because of possible alterations during the fermentation.

White grape varieties are: Malvasia Bianca (minimum 50%) and Bombino bianco (maximum 40%). Bianco passito wine is obtained with appropriate dehydration techniques.

The “Bianco vendemmia tardiva wine” is obtained when the grape harvest begins not earlier than October,1.

Red wine version contains: Negroamaro (minimum 50%), Malvasia Nera di Lecce and/or Montepulciano and/or Sangiovese (maximum 40%)

Riserva, Rosé and Malvasia Bianca are also produced.