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The wine Road “Doc-Primitivo Di Manduria e Lizzano” begins its way along the Ionian coast of Taranto and finishes on the northern area of Salento Peninsula.

This is a route that winds through an area rich in history and traditions.

The municipality of Leporano preserves the remains of a roman Aqueduct, once used by the communities of Leporano and Saturo in order to draw water from an underground lake.

In the upper part of the village is the Castle “Muscettola” of the 15th century.

In Pulsano, especially around the area of Torre Castelluccia, you can admire interesting archaeological finds dating back to the Bronze Age.

In Fragnano the Mother Church, the noble palaces and the archaeological site of “Santa Sofia” are well worth a visit.

Manduria is worldwide known as the city of “Primitivo wine” but it also is one of the most important places of Messapia that preserves intact the structure of the medieval old village.

The old village is a tangled maze of narrow streets and noble palaces.

There are many attractions for visitors: The Jewish Ghetto, the Imperial Filoti Palace built in the 18th century, the Cathedral and the Museum of Primitive Art and Culture.

Outside the old town are definitely worth a visit many places of great touristic interest such as: the very interesting Archaeological Park which preserves the remains of “Mura Messapiche” (walls), the Necropolis, the Church of “San Pietro Mandurino” and the “Fonte Pliniano” (Pliniano fountain).

If you decide to taste the excellent wine, the city of Manduria offers numerous wine bars and inns where you can taste the famous Primitivo wine accompanied by local delicacies. 


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Lizzano Doc

This DOC wine represents the province of Taranto and, specifically, the municipalities of: Lizzano, Faggiano and part of Taranto.

“Lizzano Rosso DOC” wine contains: Negroamaro (60-80%), Bombino Nero, Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Pinot Nero (maximum 40%), with possible addition of Malvasia Nera from Brindisi and/or from Lecce (maximum10%).

No later than March 30 after the harvest this wine is available on the market. It can be considered young or Novello (when subjected to a grapes crushing).

It is a whole meal wine, also present in the sparkling version.

There are also the following typologies: rosé, sparkling rosé, white, sparkling white, Negroamaro rosé, Negroamaro red and Malvasia nera.

Primitivo di Manduria Doc

This wine contains only Primitivo grape that have been grown in the following territories: Manduria and Sava, the municipalities of Erchie, Oria and Torre Santa Susanna, some municipalities on the eastern side of the Ionic coast.

Purplish red in colour with orange hues if aged, this wine is pleasant and harmonic to the palate. Also present are the following typologies: natural sweet, sweet fortified, dry fortified.