The agricultural firm Conti Zecca tells a story of five centuries of passion, tradition and innovation that has led it to become one of the most important wine producers of Salento and of Apulia.  It was the year 1580 when the Neapolitan family, Zecca, decided to move to Apulia, more precisely, to Leverano, in the heart of Salento, and to embark upon an intense agricultural enterprise in their own companies.

Over the centuries, the productive tradition evolved further, as evidenced in 1884 by Pope Leo XIII’s decision to confer the title of Count, in recognition of the excellent results achieved.

logo CONTI ZECCAIn 1935, Count Alcibiade Zecca decided to vinify the grapes from his estate, and this was how the wine cellar of Leverano came into being.  Today, the heirs, Counts Alcibiade, Francesco, Luciano and Mario Zecca, dedicate themselves with passion in the management of the family business, as well as their four estates (Cantalupi, Donna Marzia, Saraceno and Santo Stefano), overseeing the entire production process with meticulous care: from the selection of the wine varietal, to the most suitable pedoclimatic environment, to the bottling and to the marketing of the finished product.  This is achieved according to a corporate protocol based on the best precision farming techniques, with the purpose of matching environmental, social and economic sustainability, by carrying out fewer procedures in the vineyard and allowing the simplification of the work.

 The annual production of the Conti Zecca Company is around 2,800,000 bottles.  A wide range of red, rosé and white wines are produced: from the “Vini delle Tenute”, estate wines, (Tenute Donna Marzia, Cantalupi, anto Stefano and Saraceno) to the “Vini delle Selezioni”, selections of wines, divided in single varietal in purity (Negroamaro, Primitivo, Malvasia and Fiano) and Blend (Nero, Terra, Venus, Luna e Sole).  The grape varieties used are those provided by the disciplinary IGT and DOC that always characterize the Conti Zecca production, in which each line maintains its own identity that renders it unique and different from the others.