The Cellar is situated in Lucera, in a farm dating back to the 19th century, that Alberto Longo had chosen as the headquarters for his company.  He renovated the farm with the aim of producing high quality wine and offering a specialized and professional welcome to visitors.

alberto longoManuscripts preserved in the company show that the ancient cellar emerged here and was run, from 1906 to the mid 1960’s, by the important Cavalli family from Lucera.

Where once there were pits to store the grains, today, there are highly technological systems capable of controlling and managing every phase of the production, from the wine-making process to the bottling.

A visit to the wine barrel room evokes suggestive visions, where the controlled light, temperature and humidity guarantee optimum conditions for the refinement of the wine.

Outside, the enchanting panorama of the castle of Lucera and the rows of Falanghina, Montepulciano, Bombino Bianco and Nero di Troia, that recount with renewed value the extraordinary history of these territories.

An oak from the thirteenth century, listed among the secular trees by the WWF, dominates the cellar and the vineyard with its stately leafy branches.

The agricultural firm Alberto Longo boasts an area of 35 hectares of vineyards, divided between Fattoria Cavalli and Masseria Celentano, both in the proximity of Lucera.

Emblems of the choice of quality that distinguishes the firm are the system of pruned-spur-cordon-training of the vines, the low yield per hectare, and the harvest done strictly by hand.  In Lucera, indigenous grapes such as Montepulciano, Bombino Bianco and Nero di Troia, together with Falanghina, have found their ideal habitat.

Along the road that leads to Masseria Celentano, one will recognize the captivating rows of Negroamaro, Merlot, Sirah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Montepulciano.